Brett Pelletier was raised in a small town in northern New Hampshire surrounded by the natural beauty and history of the White Mountains and New England area. His passion for photography originates from his strong background in visual art including the study in oil painting, crayon dache and computer graphic design and carries over into his enthusiasm for the outdoors.

Moving to Salt Lake City, Utah in 1996 to join friends on a good ski year, Brett has remained ever since both for the epic adventure opportunities and the unbelievable combination of scenery in the mountains and uniqueness of the deserts. Originally, Brett carried around a simple point and shoot film camera in order to share his adventures with friends and family, but as time went on photography became more important to Brett and he realized his knowledge in the arts would carry over into a profession in photography if he could just learn to use his upgraded digital camera.

A self taught photographer like many in the profession, Brett researches famous and not so famous photographers alike often for inspiration, and spends countless hours learning and trying new photographic techniques in order to produce the images he offers in his photo gallery. Now seasoned with the steps and skills of an aspiring professional photographer, as well as another new professional camera, he just has to wait like everyone else for that moment of natural lighting that makes an image possible. He will of course go out of his way, in many cases wait for the light, or re-visit a particular area over and over to see if it 'happens' and in return provides you with the absolute best images.

Currently Brett is continuing with his photographic career in the areas of action and sports photography, stock imagery, special events or celebrations, portraits, and of course from time to time adds an image or two from a recent adventure to the galleries on this website or maybe even adds a whole new gallery if he is lucky.

Thanks for visiting this website and gallery, feel free to contact Brett with any questions or comments.