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Brett Pelletier Photography

Q and A

What payment options do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard, and Paypal are accepted. Contacting directly for ordering is the easiest if you are unsure about anything.
Do you have discounts for large orders?

Yes. Discounts are available for large orders.
5% off for $500 or more - 10% off for $1000 or more.
Large orders must be two or more items. Discounts are given in two ways. The first option is a return payment once your full payment has been received (for normal web orders) and you must contact after ordering within two weeks with an email or phone to inquire about the discount to qualify. The second option is to simply contact before you order and an invoice with the discount will be sent to you.
What is your contact information?
How long have you been a photographer?

Art was the major in college, specifically crayon d'ache canvas painting, and computer graphic design. While in college a computer was used to help create an idea visually and the passion for photography began around the year 2001.
Do you take portrait or special occasion photography as well as Nature and Landscape?

Yes. Occasionally. Contact if interested in setting up a day.
How do you capture such vivid color and tone in your images?

Through the use of camera lens filters and the digital darkroom a great image can become awesome or help a good image become better, but you cannot help a bad photo look good. Don't worry bad images are not for sale. Beautiful images with a personal artistic touch on the other hand are for sale and these cannot be faked. The right photographic techniques like aperture, shutter-speed, sensor sensitivity, white-balance, and of course focus and composition must be perfect for any possibility of a great 'wow' image. Not to mention the lighting, weather, time of day, and season all play a huge part.
What is a Giclee or Canvas Print?

A Giclee or Canvas Print is a photograph specially printed on archival canvas with ultra-violet and scratch resistant ink. It is currently the longest lasting method of printing a photograph with an estimated life-span of 200 years depending on display conditions.
What is a Fine Art Print?

Fine Art Prints are printed professionally with the highest quality Epson printer and Fuji-color paper for excellent color, tone, and durability. Fuji-color, Crystal Archive Preferred Paper is the latest offering from Fuji film's Crystal Archive family of color paper, for use in both digital and conventional systems.
Do you print your photography your self?

No. The images are printed locally by a professional printer. Professional grade paper, printing, and photography.
Can you print other sizes then you have listed for sale?

In most cases the answer would be yes. However, sometimes cropping effects the overall image and the answer would be no. Got a question about a size? Don't hesitate to contact.
Do you have a gallery to view your work?

No. (Insert Gallery Sponsor Here) Currently a little can be viewed at the Shallow Shaft Restaurant at Alta, Utah. This is a fine dining restaurant in Little Cottonwood Canyon, so not a gallery, but a place to view some. Plus, if you are up the canyon, you can stop by the Snowbird's El Chanate Restaurant and view a 30x90 gallery wrap canvas as well.
What does deepfrogphoto mean?

Deepfrog is an alias used to help people remember. Originally the name 'deepfrog' was a Pearl Jam fan club member alias, then 'photo' was added to promote photography because no one can remember how to spell Brett Pelletier correctly and is kinda catchy compared with right?